Photo Prompt – © Grant McCurdy

He’d wanted a picture-perfect life: a happy family and well paid job with all the perks. Instead, young voices argued yet again while bills piled high. He sighed as gentle hands massaged the stress away, accepting reality – his life might not be picture perfect, but he wouldn’t change a thing.

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales Challenge. This week’s prompt was provided by Grant McCurdy.

11 thoughts on “Picture-Perfect

    1. Thanks, PJ. I’ve always felt that being able accept the worth of what you actually have is an important step towards finding peace and happiness. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

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    1. While it’s always good to strive for better, to do so at the cost of your current situation, and being unable to recognise the worth of what you already have, is, I feel, a mistake. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ali. 🙂

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