TLT: Walls


His memories crowded close: an impenetrable barrier denying access whilst holding him back from the world. But he was sick of being imprisoned by the past. Caed knew it was time to tear down the walls – from their rubble he could build a marvelous palace in which to celebrate a bright future.

This post in for Sonya’s Three Line Tales. This week’s prompt is by  Jace Grandinetti.

As with last week’s TLT, I’ve again written a snippit about one of the characters from my Nano novel,  meaning that the words can be included in my word count. Yay! With these fifty added to it, my current total is 26,567 words, meaning I’ve narrowed the gap between myself and the current par to only 5,100 words. I will catch up eventually!

As I’ve mentioned before, due to the amount of time I’m putting into NaNoWriMo, I’m spending far less time on the blog this month than I usually like to do. If I haven’t responded to your comment or visited your blog, thank you and sorry. I will try to visit you at some point soon. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

18 Comments on “TLT: Walls

    • It was my first thought as soon as I saw the prompt! I’ll head over and check yours out. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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    • They made me feel claustrophobic just looking at them! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ali. 🙂


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  2. Love this submission! Trappings of the past – really speaks to me as an individual as I’m sifting through my own NaNoWriMo writing 😉 Write On, Writer!

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  3. Beautiful Louise. Something new being forged from walls of the past which caught him and he wouldn’t let go. No he has 🙂

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