WOW: Lackadaisical

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Here’s my WOW for this week:



lack-a-dais-i-cal (lăk′ə-dā′zĭ-kəl)

Part of Speech

adverb: lackadaically
noun: lackadaisicalness

1) Lacking vitality, drive and purpose
2) Lazy or idle, especially in a dreamy way

Image from Wikimedia - copyright: Martinak15
Image from Wikimedia – copyright: Martinak15

1) apathetic, careless, enervated, energyless, disinterested, half-hearted, inattentive, incurious, indifferent, laid-back, languid, languishing, lazy, lethargic, languorous, limp, listless, sluggish, spiritless
2) abstracted, daydreaming, dreamy, faineant, idle, laid-back, lazy, moony

1) ambitious, animated, driven, energetic, enterprising, motivated, spirited,
2) active, energetic, lively,

Word Origin
1768 (Sterne), from interjection lackadaisy “alas, alack” (1748), an alteration of lack-a-day (1690s), from alack the day (1590s)

Use in a Sentence
1) Ella knew that it was Donna’s lackadaisical work that had caused their project to fail.

Image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

2) James’ lackadaisical manner was accepted with rolled eyes and shrugged shoulders – he’d lived the first forty years of his life with his head in the clouds, he was unlikely to change now.

A daydreaming gentleman; from an original 1912 postcard published in Germany. Image from Wikimedia.
A daydreaming gentleman; from an original 1912 postcard published in Germany. Image from Wikimedia.

10 thoughts on “WOW: Lackadaisical

    1. I’ve always liked the way it rolls off the tongue. 🙂 You can tell how I was feeling on Saturday when deciding on my L WOW – the three words I narrowed it down to were lackadaisical, lassitude and languid!

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  1. I love history – of any kind; and your WOW gives me lots of background on it. Liked the pics as well.
    There is another word that I use. Can’t mention it in polite company, though….

    Question: How does one post the copyright data (as U have done) so as not to post it with every piece?

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