Two nights in a row this week I managed to photograph rather nice sunsets over the field next to my house. The first night I watched (and photographed of course!) as the sun sank below the horizon in a gorgeous golden glow. The next night the sky turned a lovely mottled pink. I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took with you. I hope you like them.

16 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Beautiful colors, love both those golden tones and the purples too. Sunsets are memorizing, good for you for keeping your camera out. I start to take pictures and then lose that moment I want to photograph because I can’t stop looking with my eyes! 🙂
    Love the one with the blueish grey clouds and tree silhouettes especially, beautiful!

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    1. Thanks, Carrie. I’m glad you like them. 🙂 I’m fortunate – with it being so flat around here our sunsets seem to last forever. It’s relatively easy to take lots of pictures and still enjoy just looking at it.

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