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A very big “Thank you!” to Sky Blue Daze for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. Its really great to know there are people out there who appreciate it. I’ve been asked to answer eleven questions about myself and to nominate eleven blogs that I think are wonderful too.

1.) Why did you decide to start to blog?

Earlier this year I quit teacher training and decided to make a career out of creativity – and The Storyteller’s Abode was born. The business I’m creating, which is storytelling and roleplay sessions for children, is all built around my stories and art work so I thought a blog would be the perfect place to showcase it. I soon realised that it would also be a perfect place for sharing all of my other creative endeavours – poetry, photography and maybe even some more grown up stories, eventually.

2.)What is your favorite memory?

I have many happy memories – most tied to family and friends – but my favourite is probably more an accumulation of memories from my primary school years. I have always loved stories and at playtime my friends and I used to become characters in our own little stories and we’d play out our adventures. Very often these were set within a forest (a recurring motif for me). We all had magic ponies that we would ride – they would be waiting for us outside the classroom door – and we would head off on various quests. You could say that I’m trying to give children now a chance to create such memories…

3.) Who inspires you?

Diana Wynne Jones. I absolutely adore her books and I actually cried when I heard that she’d died last year. I especially love the way her books appeal to both children and adults. She felt so comfortable in the varying appeal of her books that she wrote one book, Deep Secret, aimed at adults and its sequel, The Merlin Conspiracy, aimed at children!

4.) What is your current goal in life?

Currently I want to get the scenery made for the children’s roleplay sessions. As I’m still uncertain of exactly how these are going to be made, it’s a goal needing some working on. Beyond that my goals include getting the sessions up and running, creating a successful business and living a life which allows me to feel creatively fulfilled.

5.) How would you describe yourself?

Creative, laid back, a long haired hippy, a bit weird.

6.) How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

Lots and lots. And then it would all be stacked in random piles that no one else understood the organisation of.

7.) What do you do for Fun?

These days it seems that everything I do is fun! My favorite things are writing, drawing and painting. When I want a break from that I like to read, watch tv drama and good films and generally immerse myself in stories. I adore listening to music (my taste is rather eclectic) and I love to go on long walks and take lots of photographs. This often inspires me to write! For a complete change I love to bake and make sweets. In the summer I love going to festivals and dancing like a mad thing.

8.) What is your dream vacation?

Spending several months travelling around both the mainland and the islands of Greece and visiting all of the historical sites I possibly can. After that I’d like to head on to a different country…

9.) What is your favorite Quote?

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better,” Albert Einstein.

10.) Do you enjoy running a blog?

I love it. It’s great connecting with other people with similar interests. Trying to keep it a regular blog is driving me to write a lot more often, as well.

11.) What do you plan to do now?

I’m midway through a painting for my brother’s Christmas present so my immediate plan is to go and work on that some more. After that I have several poems in my notepad I want to type up and edit and there’s a little Midwinter in The Enchanted Forest story that has been niggling at my brain, so I’d like to write that out if possible. I went out with my camera this morning so I also have several hundred photos to sort through! The light was beautiful, so I’m hoping I have some good shots.

Now I need to nominate eleven blogs with less than 500 followers that I think are great. This has been really hard – I don’t follow all that many blogs yet and many that I do have either over 500 followers or have already had the Liebster Award!

1) Carrie at The Shady Tree. This is a lovely blog with a real love of the natural world that shines through both the photography and the words.

2) Amy Sampson is playing with her first DSLR camera and producing some lovely shots.

3) Delsey Jane’s blog at Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist share some wonderfully colourful photographs. Some of her pictures are just gorgeous.

4) Debra at Under the Pecan Leaves takes some lovely pictures of nature and writes fascinating articles about environmental issues.

5) lrod1726’s blog is one that I enjoy reading, with musings about family and life and some beautiful photographs.

6) Carol at Apple Hill Cottage has a wonderful blog chronicling the remodelling of a 1940s cottage and musing about countryside life.

7) Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee produces some lovely photographs and gorgeous poems.

8) The Dedicated Momster’s blog, Crisisalive, is really great, with lots of personal posts about motherhood and some great photography.

9) Susan at Krosscourt has some brilliant posts. I especially like the one of an Osprey mum teaching her fledgling to fish.

10) Norm 2.0 shares some great photographs and pieces of writing at his blog, Miscellaneous Musings of a Middle-Aged Mind

11) James’ blog, SomniVision is a brilliant mix of photography and art.

19 thoughts on “Liebster Award

      1. Okay, I came back and read your post without all my background distractions. Finding 11 bloggers is going to take a bit of time. Is there a way to tell how many followers someone has? I sometimes see it right on the blog, but not everyone has it there. How can I know if they have fewer than 500 followers?

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      2. I’ve found that a little difficult at times! I’ve recently discovered that if you click on the bloggers name in the reader it brings up a list of their blog posts. At the top is the number of followers they have. I have seen Liebster Award posts with less than 11 bloggers – just find as many as you can. πŸ˜‰ I thought I’d have to stop at 9 for quite a while!

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  1. I had to come back to let you know that I’ve decided not to accept the Liebster award nomination, but thanks so much for choosing me. I had two nominations and I was grateful and excited about both of them. I had fully intended to accept. I actually chose my nominees and had my post about 95% completed before I decided that I didn’t want to publish it. Near the end of the process, I realized that it was long winded and really didn’t relate at all with my blog content. Then I felt like a party pooper and decided to take more to think about it. After all, it’s the community that make this blogging thing fun right? In the end. It I went with my gut and decided not to publish my post. Thanks again for the nomination. It meant a lot to me. And congrats on your nomination.

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    1. That’s fine! Going with your gut is always the best policy. πŸ™‚ I’ve been considering making my blog an award-free zone. I spent quite a lot of time working on the award post and I have a list a mile long of things that I should have been getting on with!
      Some people ask to be reblogged instead of accepting an award – have you got a particlar post you’d like me to reblog for you?


  2. Firstly let me say thank you for the follow.
    I read with interest the role you are undertaking with children’s role play and wanting to create scenes for them. As a drama teacher who delved into story telling on most days in one form or another I found scenery could be minimal that kids will often imagine what you say should be there. But I can understand that if they are for younger age groups you might want something more tangible. My brother is a set builder and recently made sets for a production of Little Mermaid. His thought is always to create sets that can be easily moved and transported. Now he did make sets on a large scale which required a lot of planning but the same principle should apply to you. You need to move them so make them of a size you can manage as there are lightweight materials you can use. So best wishes for that project, I hope it works out well for you.

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    1. Thank you for the advice! I’ve been struggling for a while now with the mechanics of creating the scenery but my ideas are all along the lines of lightweight and easily transportable. The problem is that they also need to be stable for children to play around them. Do you happen to know whether there are any particular lightweight materials that your brother finds good?


      1. All the sets he builds are for children to use, he uses lightweight ply wood and always secures it so it wont move when kids are playing round it. Have you looked at polystyrene blocks, they are light and easy to move and you can make all sorts of shapes. The down side is they are a bit bulky.

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      2. I hadn’t thought about polystyrene – I’ll have to look into that! I had been thinking about plywood. Thanks again. πŸ™‚


      3. You are welcome. Good luck with it all. In Australia the blocks I have used are called performance blocks or drama blocks, they are a bit expensive but serve so many uses.

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