The robotic future of farming

For a long time farming has been a wasteful, polluting necessity. We’ve needed to grow crops, but the technology available has led to an unsustainable level of environmental damage. Small Robot Company aims to change this. They’re developing a trio of farmbots that could revolutionise the way in which technology is used in food production. Their robots are so … More The robotic future of farming

Discover Wildpoldsried – Germany’s renewable village

In Bavaria, Germany, there’s a village that produces five times more energy than it consumes. With rooftops covered in solar panels, an installation of wind turbines, and a range of other eco-friendly projects, Wildpoldsried is leading the way in renewable energy. Its successful sustainability strategy has provided a model for other German municipalities, as well … More Discover Wildpoldsried – Germany’s renewable village

Lammas ecovillage is the future of sustainable living

Deep in the Pembrokeshire countryside, a low-impact, off-grid ecovillage is pioneering an alternative for living on the land, combining the traditional smallholding model with the latest innovations in environmental design, green technology, and permaculture. In an increasingly hectic world, driven by the need to earn money and purchase yet more products that we don’t necessarily … More Lammas ecovillage is the future of sustainable living

UK government calls for charge on disposable coffee cups

MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have recommended that the Government  introduce a 25p levy on disposable coffee cups. As with the plastic shopping bags charge, which has seen single use carrier bags sales drop by 83% since its introduction in 2015, it is hoped that a charge on coffee cups will reduce the amount … More UK government calls for charge on disposable coffee cups