Santa’s Sleigh Colouring Picture

santa's sleighHere’s the last of my Christmas colouring pictures for this year. I did also have several other pictures that I would have liked to add but unfortunately I’ve not had enough free time lately to edit them for online use. I wasn’t sure for a while whether I’d manage to get this one up either but I was determined to get it posted tonight!

Merry Christmas everybody. 😀


Stocking Colouring Picture

stocking colouring picture

Here’s another Christmas colouring picture for you all.

Both the teddy bear and the snowman in this picture will be making reappearances – the snowman might even be tomorrow’s colouring picture (though the Christmas pudding and the sleigh are also ready for editing). Bear is actually a character, along with her friend Elephant, of a series of toddler stories that I’ve been planning.

If anyone (or their kids) has coloured in any of the pictures I’ve posted,  I’d love to see them. 🙂