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Step by Step

gain insight in ascent

awakening emotions stultified

by society’s strictures


gain closure in descent

revisiting issues locked within

subconscious crypts


gain wisdom with each step

overcoming life’s adversities

so true joy can be found

Monochrome Monday: Feeding Reveries

labyrinthine streams wending in life-giving flows feeding reveries

Monochrome Monday: Seeking Opportunities

 ever watchful eyes seeking opportunities certainties forgone

Monochrome Monday: Shadows

light peers through treetops the world cast in negative life in shadow-form

Monochrome Monday: Wraiths

ivory forms glide adrift in silent dreaming wraiths on the water

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Colette O'Neill... Environmentalist, Author, Publisher, Photographer. Creator of Goddess Permaculture.

The day's work

Creating a Meaningful Life

anima monday

Exploring our connection to the wider world

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Wrangling literary arts for writers: words for people!


watching the world of brain research

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