Icicle Claws

hooked claws tear at icy constraints,

captive souls, eager for freedom,

awaiting warmer days sure to come

Day 237 of 365 Days Wild was cold and frosty, but sadly lacking in the snow that seemed to fall everywhere except our little corner of Nottinghamshire. There were a few wonderful little baby icicles trying to grow in the hedgerows, though.

Kieron Circuit (@callow_explorer) of Twitter wondered whether I’ll ever be contributing to Monochrome Monday again, so I thought that the icicle pictures that I’d taken would be perfect for converting into black and white.

Whilst I was out I also photographed a few frosty leaves. These, too, work rather well in monochrome.

There was also a frosty toadstool.

Buddy71 asked what the toadstool looked like in colour, so I thought that I’d add it.

Have you had frost – or snow – recently, or is the sun shining where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Icicle Claws

  1. Thank you. I like how it looks in color versus the black and white. Because I feel the black and white needs some work to highlight the mushroom as it looks a bit washed out. But in the color version not so bad. Thank you for doing this I appreciate it very much.


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