Wordless Wednesday: Play Your Card


FFfAW: The Touch of his Hand

The Touch of his Hand "Ssh," he soothed. "It's all right now. Everything's fine." Her shudders slowly eased as she relaxed against him. "I was so scared." "I know. Shh, now." Magic effervesced beneath his fingertips as he ran his hand in calming strokes down her back, his powers reinforcing his words. "I..." Her eyes [...]

Monochrome Monday: Gargoyle

as society celebrates surface artifice  masking ugliness beneath painted smiles pure hearts sculpted in gargoylesque form wither whilst awaiting their chance to fly This week's Monochrome Monday is the third of my series on the ornaments that are around the house I share with my sister. I've had this little gargoyle for a long time, but, as [...]

Monochrome Monday: Skinny Man

he stands watch the skinny man the benevolent guardian of hope's illumination * he stands ready the fearful man a repository for worriment consuming negativity This week's Monochrome Monday is the second in my series of posts showing some of the ornaments my sister and I have around our house. Some of them are rather odd... [...]