Wordless Wednesday: The Table is Set


Monochrome Monday: Is it Christmastime yet?

anticipation gathers  in electric frissons on the air  excited laughter mingling with the scents of pine needles and spices  as children follow the white rabbit into a magical wonderland for a date not to be missed This week's photos were taken at Doddington Hall, a stately home on the outskirts of Lincoln. Every year they decorate with a different theme. This [...]

SPF: Childhood Joys

Childhood Joys Imogen's hands shook as she brushed the gathered debris away from the miniature village, her reeling emotions slow to calm. She righted a fallen bench and straightened a leaning signpost. Despite her best efforts, a clinging miasma of neglect remained. The place felt... empty. It was an emptiness with which she was only too familiar. [...]

Monochrome Monday: Fallen Leaves

fallen leaves lie scattered yesterday's doubts discarded insulating the seeds of hope through winter's long chill This week's pictures were taken at the meadow during November. I thought they looked different enough in black and white that I could use them despite having shared the coloured versions only a few days ago! I hope you like [...]

Six Word Story: Charade

Bruises concealed. Flinches masked. Happiness faked. This is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller's Six Word Story challenge. I haven't joined in with any challenges like this in a while, but I spotted this week's prompt and couldn't resist. If you feel like joining in, head over to Nicola's website and write your entry into the [...]