The Indian Bean Tree

seek shelter beneath broad leaves find renewal I've loved the tree house tree from the moment we moved into our new house. At first, though, we had no idea what sort of tree it actually was. Generally, I'd simply admire the way the evening light lit the leaves. During July, however, we were given a few [...]


In Appreciation of Hoverflies

they tell you that you're nothing a nobody * merely a pale imitation of the bright celebrities and less dangerous than those high fliers with stings in their tails * but still you carry on with no praise or appreciation you get the job done * after all what else can you do...? * except [...]

Watch the Rising Sun

sit amidst the long grass and watch the rising sun lovingly caress the meadow * golden rays revealing the innocence of daisies as they sway to a light morning breeze * breathe deep the blissful quietude and embrace the awakening of your soul These pictures were all taken at the meadow in my old village last month. I might not live there [...]