FFfAW: Dreams and Nightmares

This post is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge, run by Priceless Joy.  The challenge is to write a story of 75-175 words inspired by the photo prompt below – this week provided by Sonya of Only 100 Words. I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

Photo Prompt: © Sonya Only 100 Words

Photo Prompt: © Sonya – Only 100 Words

Dreams and Nightmares

The cell stood on the town’s outskirts: a warning to the inhabitants; a reminder of the power of the Overlords. Despite the rust on the supporting framework, the unusual alloy of the elevated cell remained untouched by the passage of years. Occasionally the sounds of banging and shouting, of screaming, could be heard from within, reducing in volume as days passed. No one had ever been seen approaching. No way into the cell had ever been found.

Wraedan had always lived in its shadow.

It had not always been there, however. His grandfather had whispered of a time before the tyrants came; a time when their land was free. Wrae had loved to listen to the stories. He’d dreamed of living in a world that didn’t thrive on fear and pain. When the Resistance had approached he hadn’t hesitated in joining them.

His dreams had now all turned to nightmares, enclosed in inescapable darkness. Defeat and terror sapped his strength; bloodied hands pounded in futility.

Tonight it would be his screams keeping the town awake.

Word Count: 175

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red Flowers

This post is for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. This week’s theme is red flowers and so I decided to revisit a few of the flower photographs that I’ve taken over the last year or so. The poppy pictures were the main things to catch my attention as I wandered through my archives but I also found a few red roses and tulips that I thought you might also like.

I’m still really behind on visiting blogs so if I haven’t been over to see you recently, I apologise. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time blog hopping soon. 🙂


Midnight Birdsong

Midnight Birdsong picture

Blackbird serenades
Serene glow of pregnant Moon
Long night stretches on

In the early hours of Christmas Day, just as I was settling down to sleep, I was drawn to my window by the sound of a blackbird singing. The light of the full moon made the sky strangely bright for 1:30 AM and was presumably fooling the creature into thinking it was dawn. It was a magical experience. Before I returned to bed the haiku was scribbled into my notepad.

Last night I found my pastels – which I haven’t used for several years – and sketched the picture to accompany it. I’m quite tempted to paint it on canvas as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂


Santa’s Sleigh Colouring Picture

santa's sleighHere’s the last of my Christmas colouring pictures for this year. I did also have several other pictures that I would have liked to add but unfortunately I’ve not had enough free time lately to edit them for online use. I wasn’t sure for a while whether I’d manage to get this one up either but I was determined to get it posted tonight!

Merry Christmas everybody. 😀

FFfAW: The Lingering Ache

This post is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge, run by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt was from pixabay. The challenge is that you write a story of 75-175 words inspired by the picture prompt below. I hope you like it.

Photo Prompt - from Pixabay

Photo Prompt – from Pixabay

The Lingering Ache

It had been years since he’d last ridden a bike.

Benjamin sighed, wishing the flimsy contraption leaning against the wall would simply vanish before his boys arrived downstairs. Their neighbour had offered him the bicycle after she’d heard Ollie and Lewis begging him to join them on a ride. His excuse that he didn’t have one had been neatly sidestepped by her generosity.

Anxiety coiled in his stomach and he rubbed at his aching temples as memories of blinding headlights and a dizzying, agonising impact overtook him. Six months of his life had been lost to unconsciousness. Over a year had been spent regaining full mobility after he’d finally awoken. The lingering ache of his injuries continued to bother him even now, years later.

He’d sworn to never ride a bike again.

The boys’ excited voices reached him long before they tumbled out of the doorway and he pasted a smile onto his face. Only one thing could persuade him to put his feet onto the pedals again.

He couldn’t bear to disappoint his boys.

Word Count: 172