Word of the Week (WOW): Anthropomorphic


This post is in response to Heena Rathore P.’s Word of the Week (WOW). This weekly meme is a great way of improving your vocabulary. As a lover of words, how could I not join in? If you wish to participate, simply create a post with your word and leave a link in a comment on Heena’s WOW post.

Here’s my WOW for this week:



Part of Speech
(adverb: anthropomorphically; noun: anthropomorphism; noun: anthropomorphist)

an-thro-po-mor-phic (ænθrəpəˈmɔːfɪk)

1) ascribing human form or attributes to a non-human being (i.e. a deity or animal)
2) ascribing human characteristics to a nonhuman thing (i.e. a carving)

anthropoid, anthropomorphous, hominoid, humanlike, humanoid, manlike


Word Origin
early 19th century: from Greek anthrōpomorphos

Use in a sentence
1) As an anthropomorphic representation of human fears the figure of Death strides through world mythology in many guises.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

2) With its humanoid shape a gingerbread man biscuit is an anthropomorphic representation with which children can identify.

Image courtesy of http://www.publicdomainpictures.net


If you want to discover more great words then visit Heena’s page Word Treasure.

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