Photography 101 – Triumph



Focus on the
the small triumphs
everyday life.
Turn attention away
from negative thoughts,
from the failures,
from all the things you
cannot do,
all the things you
have not done,
that bind in tangled knots
dragging ever deeper
into defeat.
Celebrate instead
each success,
striving to achieve only
the greatest goal of all:

brazils 2

I found today’s theme really hard to take (or find) a picture for. I have no photos that really represent achievement and most of the things that I feel triumphant over at this point in time don’t really translate well into photography. My main feeling of triumph right now is having stuck with the photography 101 all the way through. And also managing to write a poem to go with each post – I have never, ever written so much poetry before!

In the end I decided to take the time to achieve something new – one of life’s little achievements. I always make lots of sweets and chocolates at Christmas and just yesterday my dad presented me with a bar of dark chocolate and a bag of Brazil nuts and reminded me that it was nearly December. Chocolate coated Brazil nuts are his favourite… Coating the nuts in chocolate is really easy but putting the little swirly bit on the top is something that doesn’t always work. If the chocolate isn’t thick enough it just spreads out. As you can see from the photos above most of them turned out okay. I definitely feel triumphant about that! I decided to present them in that particular dish as it has a slight trophy-esque feel to it.

I hope you all like it.

Here are a couple of other pictures I took – the hand is my dad’s. He kept trying to pinch them before I’d finished photographing.

nutsthief!2 thief!



18 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Triumph

  1. Chocolate nuts – earned by children in Kenia- they never heard what Chocolate means, don’t know it’s taste.
    Strange fruit, your intro above.
    “Turn attention away
    from negative thoughts,
    from the failures,”


    • I’m curious as to why you disagree. I don’t mean that you abandon something because it failed but that you shift your focus away from the disappointment of failure and onto the things that worked. I personally find that if I see only that something ‘failed’ I can get so caught up in it that I am unable to see the successes, the gold amongst the dross.


    • Thank you. It’s good to know they’re appreciated. 🙂 At first I didn’t think I’d manage the poems as well as the photographs but once the words started to flow they just wouldn’t stop. I’ve actually written lots more poems than I’ve posted!

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