Photography 101 – Landscape

Right of Way
Public Footpath, Nottinghamshire, UK

Right of Way

in the footsteps
of the ancestors,
along paths
travelled by
multitudes before,
walking the
rights of way
wherever they may

the patchwork
shaped over
by human design,
few curves or dells
to lend it beauty
but possessing a
entirely its own.

Patchwork Fields
Fields on Lincolnshire-Nottinghamshire border, UK

My paternal grandfather was a man by the name of William Bunting who, among many other things, campaigned for the preservation of the ancient land rights of the common people – including the rights of way, many of which cross land claimed as private property. Many farmers still try to ignore these rights, growing crops on and fencing off areas which we should all be able to use. There are organisations such as the Ramblers who make a point of walking along these routes and keeping them accessible. Someday (if I ever don’t work on a Sunday when they meet) I will join them. In the photograph is an example of a public footpath near my village that crosses right through the middle of a farmer’s field. We are fortunate. The farmer never plants crops on the path, leaving it open to walk. The poem below is one that my grandfather always quoted on any documents he wrote.

“The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
But leaves the greater villain loose
Who steals the common from the goose.”
C17th folk poem

Today’s photos are both from my archive. Here are a few other pictures which were nearly chosen for today. The first of them is the only picture that I took today that’s actually worth sharing. Lincolnshire in late autumn / early winter does not provide a particularly impressive landscape – especially when the sun decides to hide behind clouds for most of the day! The first two shots are local to me; the second two were taken while on holiday.

Autumnal Field, Lincolnshire, UK
Autumnal Field, Lincolnshire, UK
Field with Dandelions, Lincolnshire, UK
Field with Dandelions, Lincolnshire, UK
View towards Malham Tarn, Yorkshire Dales, UK
View towards Malham Tarn, Yorkshire Dales, UK
View from Castlerigg
View from Castlerigg, Lake District, UK

8 Comments on “Photography 101 – Landscape

  1. This is what we are missing in the U.S. — a way to walk in the country not on roads or highways. What a lovely path — pictures of roads and paths always charm me anyway, but this one …
    AND I do like the shot you took today–the bare trees on the far hill and the funky one in the middle with the shadows at the bottom. Very much to look at!

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    • The public footpaths are a wonderful thing. There are so many hidden tracks. There’s one near us that goes right through someone’s garden! And that shot really was the only one today with any interest to it so I’m glad you like it. 😀


  2. love! The first one is like something out of a novel. i can see Lizzie Bennett walking down that path.

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