Photography 101 – Triumph

Triumph Focus on the positives, the small triumphs permeating everyday life. Turn attention away from negative thoughts, from the failures, from all the things you cannot do, all the things you have not done, that bind in tangled knots dragging ever deeper into defeat. Celebrate instead each success, striving to achieve only the greatest goal... Continue Reading →


Photography 101 – Weekend 3 – Detail in Architecture

Ageless Splendour See the beauty in the detail: each elegant curve, each fragile carving, all remnants of ages past. See how the smallest wonders are concealed in nooks and corners, every recess holding its secrets. See how nature seeks to reclaim: moss inching over stonework, birds making home anyplace they desire. See the efforts of... Continue Reading →

Photography 101 – Swarm

  Reaching A writhing, coiling mass, a swarm slithering in serpentine formations out of the darkness of concealing earth, into sunlight, in search of nourishment, tendrils stretching in longing for richer soils. I have to confess that today's pictures were actually taken a few months ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't really happy with anything I took... Continue Reading →

Photography 101 – Landmark

Fortress, Once Mighty Weathered masonry, moss coated, mottled with tendrils of creeping ivy, standing immovable despite the passage of years; enduring regardless of the ravages of wars, form altered but undestroyed. A landmark for generations, Gateway to the North, standing sentinel beside ever flowing waters. A witness to lifetimes yet to pass. I took quite... Continue Reading →

Photography 101 – Connect

Vintage Connections View through rose tints a time of vintage splendour, the long haul to connect, disregarding the dirt, the grime, the hardship, the narrow views of reality permeating society. A time before superfast, before the immediate, ephemeral brushing of personalities. A time before the tap of a finger could unlock wonders unimaginable to scholars... Continue Reading →

Photography 101 – Bliss

Woodland Walk I walk… the woodland paths as autumn casts its golden charm. Releasing all negativity, Senses spread wide. I see… the trunks of mighty trees, branches stretching skyward, sifting morning sunlight as if through finest lace. I hear… cascading notes of birdsong, an air-borne symphony, complementing the rustling foliage of creatures passing by. I... Continue Reading →

Photography 101 – Home

Wide Sky A sweeping canvas painted in untamed elation, ever-changing swathes of colour flaunting nature’s unforced splendour. A beauty that says ‘home’. When I first moved back to Lincolnshire after several years of living in the rugged hills of central Wales, I found it hard to appreciate the incredibly flat landscape surrounding me. Slowly the beauty of the... Continue Reading →

A Ghost of Memory

I’ll hold the faded photograph, etch her colours bright and true, as she walks through half-forgotten memories. I’ll hear her voice, whispering through the mists - the lessons she can teach if I listen. I must listen. Tales of hardship and happiness. Times of tears and laughter. A song of resilience carries upon a piano’s... Continue Reading →

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